In early 2017, husband and wife Jacob and Danielle Prestidge packed up everything they owned, sold their home in Kansas City and headed for the west coast. Behind them they left their families, a city they loved, a few library fines and their folk-rock band, with whom they had performed over 200 concerts in the previous 2 years. 

They both knew it was time for a change. 

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, they set up a home studio, purchased some vintage synthesizers and set about the process of musical reconstruction - building a new sound that captured the neon glow of palm tree sunsets and the visionary spirit of this city of dreamers, while still carrying traces of the longing of midwestern winters. Wyndsrfr was born. 

To date, Wyndsrfr's music has been heard around the world with over 2 million digital streams, as well as features on NBC, ABC, Fox, ESPN, MTV, CNN, The Discovery Channel and more. 

Now, with their new album Golden Years, they offer their most compelling and fully realized vision to date, deftly pulling elements of synthwave, post-rock, and ambient music together in their unique blend of vibrant, top down dream-rock, perfect for a nice set of headphones or a sunset drive up the coast.